New Legislation & Regulations

California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) unveils new system to search and view “behested payments”.

Full Press Release from FPPC

Political Reform Act Revision Update

Amend Regulation 18940

(1) Travel Payments, Advances, or Reimbursements: Travel Destination Disclosure. With

respect to a gift that is a travel payment, advance, or reimbursement, a person required to file a

statement of economic interests must disclose the travel destination on his or her statement of

economic interests as required by Section 87207(a)(4).

(2) Nonprofit Travel Payments, Advances, or Reimbursements: Donor Disclosure. A

501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that regularly organizes and hosts travel for elected

officials and makes travel payments, advances, or reimbursements, as specified in Section

89506(f), must disclose the names of donors that meet the criteria set forth in that Section to the

Commission by April 30 of the following year on a form provided by the Commission.

PRA Revision Project Deadline Extended to Oct. 31

Phillip Ung, FPPC
(916) 322-7635


Earlier this summer, the Fair Political Practices Commission in partnership with California Forward (CA Fwd) and the University of California released for public comment the first draft revision of the Political Reform Act. The goals of the Political Reform Act Revision Project are to revise the 42-year old law to improve accessibility, compliance, and enforcement without making substantive policy changes.

To date, the Project has received numerous comments and recommendations from interested parties who have expressed great enthusiasm and dedicated significant time and expertise in ensuring the success of a revised Act. We recognize that this election season is a very busy time for many, and so to ensure all Californians have an opportunity to fully review Draft 1 and provide their comments, the FPPC will be extending the first comment period by a month to October 31. All comments received by that date will be considered for inclusion in the second draft revision.

Below is the new calendar for the project, taking into account constraints dictated by the legislative process and timeline:

August 3 – October 31: Comment Period 1
November 1 – December 4: FPPC incorporates comments/recommendations.
December 5 – December 30: Comment Period 2 (final technical review)

You can find additional information and submit comments for the Revision Project at

FPPC: New Lobbying Rules Power Point Presentation


Political Reform Act Revision Project Fact Sheet


‘Other Payment to Influence’ Fact Sheet

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