Protecting Your Right to Advocate for Clients:  IGA vigorously defends the First Amendment Rights of professional lobbyists to speak out on behalf of their clients before the California Legislature and state government agencies.  IGA maintains an active presence before the Fair Political Practices Commission and the Office of the Secretary of State to represent the interests of lobbyists and the business of lobbying.  IGA is also the collective voice of the Third House on legislation affecting the lobbying profession.  As a Member of IGA, you help formulate positions and advocate outcomes that protect your right to practice your profession now and in the future.  If necessary, IGA will take legal action to protect its Members’ rights.

Professional Seminars and Education:  IGA holds quarterly member-only breakfast seminars featuring prominent speakers and panelists from the Legislature and Executive Branch discussing the hottest topics in public policy and politics.  Our seminars provide opportunities for lobbyists and public officials to look at issues from an insider perspective as well as learn how to be a more effective advocate.  Members come away from these events with unique insights about the personalities and processes that make things happen under the Capital Dome.

IGA Annual Conference:  Every two years IGA holds a policy conference.  Attendees enjoy a relaxed environment while participating in panel discussions, receptions, dinner, and optional recreational activities, including the IGA golf tournament.  One of the conference sessions is devoted to the Lobbyist Ethics Course, allowing IGA Members to complete this requirement in a smaller, less formal setting that most lobbyists find preferable to the large ethics classes held in Sacramento.

Socializing and Networking:  IGA sponsors periodic social events designed to promote collegiality and professionalism among lobbyists, legislators, Administration officials, and legislative staff.

Additional Member Benefits: Capitol Seminars offers IGA members a 30% discount on its Lobbying 101 & 201 courses. click here to register or learn more, enter the code “IGA” in the coupon code field at at checkout, and the discount will automatically be applied. Plus is currently offering a discount for IGA members on its redistricting maps. You must be an IGA member in good standing to receive this discount benefit.